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Fonts for character mapping

You can Either Download new Fonts OR use existing System Fonts. If you or mapping characters between different languages, which is the case typically then you need to download the required fonts. You can also select the already installed system fonts, and see if your language characters are already in the selected font.

The character mapping is between two fonts. The installed fonts on your system will be displayed in the drop down list for your selection.

If Fonts are downloaded, Either Install them into the System or Save it in your Hard drive. If the Font is Installed, then it would be automatically listed in the Font dropdown list. If you had not installed the Font, You can use the "Load" button and load the Font into the existing Font list.

Note: Some of the unicode fonts, may already have your language characters mapped in them.

When a font is selected, the keypad is refreshed will the all the characters the font contains. Now you can press the keypad to select the character.

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